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Drive line productivity in wire and cable applications with up to five times greater uptime

The performance of coding solutions in wire, cable and pipe industries needs to match the realities of the production process. Coder downtime that stops the extrusion process can result in expensive downtime, rework, and scrap. Poor code contrast or quality and ink transference are further challenges that can degrade the quality of your product. Cotajet has extensive application expertise and a range of solutions that address these challenges to help maximize the productivity of your operations.

PPR plastic pipes are generally white, red, green, and gray. PPR plastic pipes of the above colors can be coded by laser coders. The advantage of using a laser coding machine to code on the pipe lies in the following aspects:

The coding effect of the laser coding machine is a permanent identification. Code the required text or pattern on the product surface. This laser mark has permanent and strong anti-counterfeiting effect;

The performance of the laser printer is very stable, it can work continuously for 24 hours, and the service life can reach more than 20,000 working hours. Few supplies are consumed.

The laser coder has no pollution to the environment, and it is more environmentally friendly. The laser coder has no radiation, no pollution to the environment, and no particulate matter such as dust;

Laser coder is flexible and easy to use. The specially designed operating software used by COTAJET laser powerful, humanized design, easy to use and easy to use. It can cooperate with automated production lines and can receive BMP and PLT graphics. Character files support various drawing software. Mark bar codes, QR codes and serial numbers. You can also add new characters on your own, easy to use.

The working speed of the laser coding machine is fast. The laser coding machine adopts online high-speed non-stop laser coding which has high production efficiency. It can process an average of 30,000 work pieces per hour and can continuously and dynamically code.

Laser coder has high scalability and strong data communication capability

Marking on extruded wire and cable requires superior print quality, a wide variety of fonts and graphics, along with excellent resolution, contrast, and clarity, even on narrow gauges, varying insulation colors or in extreme temperature conditions common in extrusion applications. Videojet provides the right inks for nearly any type of wire insulation or cable jacket. Our selection includes UV cured/UV visible and high-contrast pigmented inks for dark or difficult-to mark-surfaces.