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The laser marking machine can be used to mark the production information on beverage packaging bottles, jar pull rings, and packaging boxes, including brand LOGO, anti-counterfeiting code, production date, production batch number, shelf life, regulatory barcode, QR code, etc. Compared with traditional coding methods such as inkjet coding, laser marking machines use non-contact processing without additional consumables, and mark production information on the substrate itself, and the information is clear and permanent, which perfectly solves the shortcomings of traditional methods.

The marking pattern information of the laser marking machine is clear and beautiful, good in permanence, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and cannot be erased. Therefore, it has excellent anti-counterfeiting performance and can effectively crack down on "counterfeit goods" and prevent channeling.

Efficient Production

The combination of the marking system of the laser marking machine and computer numerical control technology can form an efficient automatic processing equipment, which can mark various characters, symbols and patterns.

Beverage manufacturers can easily use software to design patterns and change marking content to meet the high-efficiency and fast-paced requirements of modern beverage production.

Sustained and Stable

Beverage production line is a production unit that runs continuously at high speed for a long time, even a short downtime will bring huge losses to beverage manufacturers. Therefore, minimum or even no downtime is a mandatory requirement for marking equipment.

With an ongoing production process and a focus on delivering the product, we know beverage manufacturers don't want downtime associated with marking machines. Our marking technology and beverage laser marking equipment can maximize the continuous normal operation of your production line, greatly reducing or even avoiding losses caused by downtime.

Cost Control

The unit price of beverage products is low, and strict cost control is conducive to improving product competitiveness. Compared with the investment of the entire beverage production and packaging line, the cost of the marking machine is only a small part, but cost control comes from every detail. The seamless integration of Leijin laser marking equipment with the production line helps to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the production line. The laser marking machine does not require additional consumables such as ink, and can be used for a long time after plugging in. Low operation and maintenance costs are in line with the needs of various beverage factories for reasonable cost control.